Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Workforce Innovation (NLWIC)?
The Newfoundland and Labrador Workforce Innovation Centre (NLWIC), established in 2017 by the Provincial Government, and administered by the College of the North Atlantic, provides a co-ordinated, central point of access to engage government, career and employment services providers, skills development organizations and stakeholders in the business and community sectors throughout the province.

NLWIC’s goal is to promote the research, testing and sharing of ideas and models of innovation in workforce development that will positively impact individual employability and attachment to the workforce. Funding is provided by the Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour (AESL) under the Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Labour Market Development Agreement – Newfoundland and Labrador Research and Innovation Program (NLRI). Priorities for research funding are determined by the Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour in consultation with NLWIC based on stakeholder feedback and other research.


How does NLWIC work?
AESL will define the priorities, in consultation with NLWIC, for eligible projects and finalize these priorities for NLWIC. NLWIC will issue Calls for Proposals based on these priorities.

All proposals will be evaluated by AESL, in partnership with NLWIC. Other relevant departments and agencies may be asked to participate, in cases where its expertise is deemed pertinent to the evaluation of each proposal. AESL will provide final approval for all proposals.  `


What is the Newfoundland and Labrador Research and Innovation Program (NLRI)?
NLRI is a program that will use progressive research and leading-edge innovation to identify better ways of helping Newfoundlanders and Labradorians prepare for, find, return to, or maintain sustainable employment.

NLRI will support and generate new and innovative research projects, pilots and processes to strengthen our understanding of the provincial labour market, and to assist us in recalibrating existing employment and training services to better align with changing employer demands and needs.


How is NLRI funded?
The Newfoundland and Labrador Research and Innovation program is one of three labour market-related measures funded by the Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Labour Market Development Agreement (LMDA).  The other two measures are: Employment Assistance Services and Labour Market Partnerships.


What are some of the benefits of NLRI (the source of NLWIC Research Funding)?As Newfoundland and Labrador’s labour market undergoes changes, NLRI will:

  • Ensure that the design and delivery of labour market programs and services continue to be relevant and responsive to provincial labour market needs; and
  • Provide opportunities for testing innovative approaches that aim to help Newfoundlanders and Labradorians prepare for, find, return to, or maintain sustainable employment.


Which research methods will be considered for use in NLWIC Funded projects?
NLWIC Research Funding will provide support for (but not limited to) research studies; service delivery improvements and model testing; information and/or data  development ; program/project evaluations; and demonstration projects.


What types of projects will be eligible for NLWIC Research Funding in 2018-19?

Projects for 2018-19 will focus on proposals that seek to promote and foster innovation in the following priority areas:

  • Strengthening apprenticeship programs;
  • Enhancing essential skills such as literacy and technological abilities;
  • Providing improved supports to older workers, youth, persons with disabilities, Income Support clients, and to individuals living in rural and remote regions;
  • Increasing the participation rate of under-represented groups, including persons with disabilities, women, Indigenous Peoples, youth, immigrants, refugees, in the provincial labour force;
  • Exploring a right mix of benefits, programs and/or services that support individuals in making long-term attachment to the labour market; and
  • Preparing individuals and industries for the “jobs of the future”.

Note: NLRI funding will be used to fund projects that examine previously untried solutions to specific labour market issues or problems in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Projects will be further prioritized to those sectors identified in the provincial government vision document The Way Forward.


How will the proposals be evaluated?
The proposals will be evaluated using the Evaluation Matrix included in the Call for Proposals Guidelines 2018-19.


Who is eligible to apply for NLWIC Research Funding?

NLRI proponent eligibility will include:

  • Community Organizations (including not-for-profit, professional, employer and labour associations);
  • Municipal governments;
  • Band/tribal councils and Indigenous Organizations;
  • Crown Corporations;
  • Businesses; and
  • Public Health and Educational institutions.


When is the deadline to submit a proposal?
August 31, 2018.


How do prospective proponents apply for NLWIC Research Funding?
Proponents will submit proposals to nlwic@nlwic.ca by the deadline following the Call for  Proposals Guidelines, including the Proposal Template in Appendix A.


Are for-profit research organizations eligible?


Can an organization submit more than one research project proposal?


Can an organization have more than one project funded?


Do project researchers have to be based in Newfoundland and Labrador?
The research has to be about Newfoundland and Labrador; however, the researchers do not need to be based in that province.


What is the maximum amount of funding permitted for an individual project?
There is no maximum funding available for a project per year, but the principle of equitable distribution will be applied when assessing and approving projects.  Other partnerships are  encouraged and will be considered during project assessment.


What is the maximum duration permitted for projects funded by NLWIC Research Funding?
Projects will need to be completed within one to three years, with an opportunity for renewal under special circumstances.


Can prospective proponents  apply for NLWIC Research Funding for multiple projects?
Proponents are eligible to apply for multiple projects. Further detail will be made available in summer 2018.


Can proponents hire subcontractors to assist in the completion of a project?
Yes. If proponents choose to hire subcontractors, proponents are solely and absolutely responsible for all terms and conditions related to contractual arrangement. In addition,  proponents are solely responsible for any and all payments owed to its subcontractors.


How does the NL Workforce Innovation Centre (NLWIC) support the Provincial Government’s Way Forward?

  • The NL Workforce Innovation Centre is a key action (2.24) in the Way Forward to support labour market research projects the demonstrate innovation and better ways to assist individuals prepare for, find, return to, or maintain sustainable employment.
  • NLWIC is a catalyst for collaboration between partners in Regional Innovation Systems such as business, labour and community groups to help improve outcomes and create opportunities for Newfoundlander and Labradorians.
  • It represents a strong role for the College of the North Atlantic as a centre for innovation, Research and Development, and collaboration with Memorial University.
  • NLWIC targets innovative growth sectors to help build a stronger economic foundation for the province. It provides support to enable innovation-driven businesses to growth and diversify under the Business Innovation Agenda, the Social Enterprise Action Plan, and the partnership with the NL Federation of Co-operatives.
  • The centre also provides information to labour market fora, including the Cabinet Committee on Jobs, the Forum of Labour Market Ministers (FLMM), and the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC).