How we do it

The Workforce Innovation Centre engages a variety of stakeholders including service providers, clients, as well as community business and education sectors, among others to identify priorities and build strong linkages with the field to ensure it is consistently aware of the highest priority labour market and client needs and best practices.

Once the needs and gaps are identified, the Centre works with and supports service providers seeking to develop innovative employment and training service models. The Centre engages service providers who are involved in the testing of promising models and approaches to provide support and identify key findings related to what works for whom, and under what conditions related to the identified areas.

The Centre engages stakeholders in knowledge exchange activities, and seeks their input to develop tools and solutions to ensure that they are designed to meet the actual needs and are practical given the day-to-day reality of services providers and their clients. The Centre also engages members and other stakeholders through a variety of mechanisms to obtain feedback on the Centre’s performance, as well as to obtain input on future directions or other key decision points that would benefit from the input and buy-in of stakeholders.