What we do

The NL Workforce Innovation Centre (NLWIC) was established by the provincial government in 2017 and is administered by College of the North Atlantic (CNA) with a provincial mandate to provide a centralized point of access to bring all of the province’s labour market stakeholders together to share workforce development challenges, opportunities and best practices.

NLWIC’s goal is to promote the research, testing and sharing of ideas and models of innovation in workforce development that will positively impact employability, employment and entrepreneurship within the province’s workforce and particularly underrepresented groups. Funding is provided by the Department of Immigration, Population Growth and Skills (IPGS) under the Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Labour Market Development Agreement.

NLWIC’s Original and Newest Mandated Activities

What are our research priorities?

Our research priorities are determined by the Department of Immigration, Population Growth and Skills through the Newfoundland and Labrador Research and Innovation program. Priorities include:

  1. Strengthening apprenticeship programs.
  2. Enhancing essential skills such as literacy and technological abilities.
  3. Providing improved supports to older workers, persons with disabilities, income support clients, and to individuals living in rural and remote regions.
  4. Increasing the participation rate of under-represented groups in the workforce. Groups include: persons with disabilities, women, Indigenous Peoples, youth, immigrants and refugees.
  5. Exploring benefits, programs and/or services that support individuals in making long-term attachment to the workforce.
  6. Preparing individuals and industries for “jobs of the future”.

Projects are further prioritized to those sectors identified in the provincial government vision document The Way Forward.