Program Fact Sheet

Newfoundland and Labrador Workforce Innovation Centre (WIC)
WIC provides a coordinated, central point of access to engage government, career and employment service providers, skills development organizations and stakeholders in the business and community sectors. The goal is to help research and test new and innovative workforce development models that make direct links to increasing individual employability.

What WIC does

  • Research Projects (Proposal Funding): Provide proposal-based funding for applied research projects that test innovative approaches for better ways to address labour market issues and improve outcomes.
  • Body of Knowledge (Best Practices): Act as a repository and central access point for innovative employment and training practices and tools, including online access to research and best practices.
  • Knowledge Mobilization (Capacity Building): Disseminate the body of knowledge to stakeholders via training, information sessions, webinars and other capacity-building activities.
  • Community of Practice (Stakeholder Engagement): Engage a network of labour market partners to facilitate idea exchange, identify research opportunities, and share innovative approaches.

How WIC works
WIC oversees Newfoundland and Labrador Research and Innovation Centre (NLRI) program administration, monitoring and reporting. The Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour (AESL) annually defines the priorities for eligible projects and communicates these priorities to WIC, which then issues annual calls for proposals based on these priorities.

Eligible applicants for NLRI funding
NLRI proponent eligibility includes:

  • Community Organizations (including not-for-profit, professional, employer and labour associations);
  • Municipal governments;
  • Band/tribal councils and Indigenous Organizations;
  • Crown Corporations;
  • Businesses; and
  • Public Health and Educational institutions.