Regional Workforce Development Committees

Workforce Development is a people-first approach with a focus on employment initiatives that address the creation and retention of a viable workforce through skills training, collaboration and matching of employers and employees with the objective of economic prosperity for individuals, businesses and communities.

Source: What is Workforce Development?


Thirty Regional Workforce Development Committee Action Planning Meetings Completed to Date
Feb. 4, 2022

The Regional Workforce Development Committees have been busy since the launch of the project in November 2021 developing action plans to address workforce development needs specific to regions across the province. The NLWIC Team in charge of the project have completed 30 Committee Action Planning meetings to date.

The implementation of Regional Workforce Development Committees in ten regions across Newfoundland and Labrador is one of NLWIC’s mandated activities. A concurrent research project funded by the Future Skills Centre will test and evaluate the design, setup and operations of these Regional Workforce Development Committees as a new model of workforce development in NL during this first year.

The team has also compiled Labour Market Information (LMI) for each region of the province and created 10 regional LMI Infographics sets – which NLWIC will be releasing in the future, so stay tuned!



In November 2019, the provincial government mandated four new core activities for the NL Workforce Innovation Centre (NLWIC), including:

Action #9:

  • To develop regionally tailored workforce development action plans, including:
    • Development and dissemination of labour market information (LMI);
    • Identification of priority focus areas for training and skills development;
    • Collaborative use of labour market programs and services, including immigration related supports.
  • These Regional Workforce Development Committees are to serve as planning platforms for localized labour market activities and initiatives.

The ten Regional Workforce Development Committees are a collaborative project between NLWIC and the Department of Immigration, Population Growth and Skills (IPGS). Each Committee includes the participation of the following government entities at the regional level:

  • The Department of Industry, Energy and Technology
  • The Department of Fisheries, Forestry and Agriculture
  • The Department of Immigration, Population Growth and Skills
  • The College of the North Atlantic
  • The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
  • Service Canada

Invited stakeholders are local, regional and provincial stakeholders who have a vested interest in workforce development, who are identified by the Regional Workforce Development Committees to contribute to particular meetings.


«Testing and Evaluating the Impact of a New Workforce Development Model in Newfoundland and Labrador: Future-Proofing our Skills Development Ecosystem is funded by the Government of Canada’s Future Skills Centre»

«Mise à l’essai et évaluation de l’impact d’un nouveau modèle de développement de la main-d’œuvre à Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador : Préparer l’avenir de notre écosystème de développement des compétences est financé par le Centre des Compétences futures du gouvernement du Canada»

What: A Future Skills Centre-funded research project that is running concurrently with the implementation of the ten Regional Workforce Committees’ Action Planning.

Purpose: Measure the impact and effectiveness of the Regional Workforce Development Committees and the Action Planning Process

Objective: Develop a Playbook of evidence of what works and what does not when it comes to the design, setup and implementation of the ten NL Regional Workforce Development Committees and their Action Planning.

Goal: Disseminate this Playbook as a resource for the committees themselves and other workforce development stakeholders across Canada and beyond.

Regional Workforce Development Committees Contact:

Melissa Feaver
Regional Workforce Development Committee Program Coordinator
t: 709 637 8624

The NL Workforce Innovation Centre (NLWIC) was established by the provincial government in 2017 and is administered by College of the North Atlantic (CNA) with a provincial mandate to provide a centralized point of access to bring all of the province’s labour market stakeholders together to share workforce development challenges, opportunities and best practices.

NLWIC’s goal is to promote the research, testing and sharing of ideas and models of innovation in workforce development that will positively impact employability, employment and entrepreneurship within the province’s workforce and particularly underrepresented groups. Funding is provided by the Department of Immigration, Population Growth and Skills (IPGS) under the Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Labour Market Development Agreement.