Current Projects

Bridging the Divide

Connecting and preparing refugees for work in the province’s agriculture Industry.


Tourism Reskilling

Reskilling workers in the non-tourism industries to enter the tourism labour force, the aim is to reduce unemployment and increase tourism activities.


Evidence for Community Employment Services

Exploring how to improve data management systems to capture client progress toward employment/training, uncover trends in client needs, highlight those interventions linked to the most positive outcomes and help create evidence-based refinements to the areas of service that are not resulting in desired outcomes.


Entry and Retention in the Aquaculture Sector

Developing and pilot testing of an innovative demand-led training model to support entry and retention in the aquaculture sector.


Expanding Entrepreneurship

Exploring ways to foster innovation in technology entrepreneurship through increased female participation and immigration initiatives.


Pathways to Work

Co-designing improved employment pathways for Inuit youth in Nunatsiavut, Labrador.


Assessing Alternative Academic Readiness Programs

Researching academic readiness assessment processes, pathways and tools for indigenous students that are reliable, valid, culturally sensitive and appropriate.


Evaluating Employment Assistance Services and Career Development Programming

“Women in Research and Development Corporation” will conduct an assessment on their short and long term employment outcomes, which will reveal the overall impact of their employment assistant services on employability.