Improving Psychological Health & Safety in Health Care Workers Through Technology Based Support: Project Plan


Eastern Health is engaging in an exciting research project to determine if technology based support increases employee knowledge and uptake of psychological support services, in turn improving employee wellness factors and organizational healthy workplace indicators. This three year project will involve the development, implementation and evaluation of application based technology (from personal technology devices) which will incorporate internal and external supports to the organization as well as a built in peer “chat” function, allowing employees to gained timely and appropriate support and information about what is available for them.

Eastern Health is the largest employer in Newfoundland and Labrador, employing almost 13, 0000 employees, 82% of them are women, about 10% come from rural parts of the eastern region. The organization currently has below average engagement scores and significant rates of sick leave and absenteeism. This project aims to target all employees within the organization.

Primary Research Question

Will the use of technology to provide more accessible and timely employee mental health supports (including peer support) increase the organizations healthy workplace indicators?


Research led by Eastern Health.


Districts covered by Eastern Health (all employees)


March 2019 – June 2022