Forest-Based Bio Economy in Newfoundland


As a new and innovative paradigm in the forest sector, bioeconomy development offers an opportunity to attract, and therefore increase, the participation of underrepresented groups in the forest sector. Currently, women represent only six per cent of employment in the forest sector in NL, and other groups such as Indigenous Peoples and youth represent even lower percentages (Data source: NLFIA Survey, 2018). The new bioeconomy will require new skills to reach its full economic potential with increased demand for employment among those underrepresented groups, particularly in rural areas of the province. Training will be required to ensure the right skill sets are available for industrial partners and one output from this project will be new programs to enhance bioeconomy skills.

Primary Research Question

What opportunities exist for forest-based bioeconomy in NL? How can we prepare the forest sector in NL for opportunities in bioeconomy development?


Research led by NL Forest Industry Association (NLFIA)


Research to be conducted at locations in Corner Brook, Hampden, Summerford, Bloomfield


February 2019 – March 2022