Enhancing Employability Through Soft Skills Development


Strong soft or essential skills are the key to workplace success. They are used in different combinations within all jobs. Workers who can communicate well, act professionally, are able to handle disputes, and understand workplace expectations are typically much better employees.  They can learn new technical skills more quickly; can teach others more effectively; are able to contribute more deliberately; and can adapt to change.

The aim of this project is address the soft skill deficiencies that some struggle with. We will work to increase the work-ready labour supply by providing individuals with the training needed to become valuable and productive members of the province’s workforce.

At Academy Canada we are excited to apply our 35 years of training experience to this new partnership with the Newfoundland and Labrador Workforce Innovation Centre.  We believe this is an important extension of the work we’ve already been doing with our 30,000 alumni since 1985.

Our research project and pilot program proposes to identify the soft skills gaps among Newfoundland and Labrador’s labour supply and to evaluate the impact of a specially designed soft skills development workshop series on the employability of its participants.

Primary Research Question

Will focused soft skills training enhance the employability of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians?


Research led by Academy Canada.


Research data will be collected from all across the province. Workshops will be held in St. John’s and Corner Brook.


October 2019 – October 2022