NLWIC at Expo Labrador 2022

NLWIC Director Sharon McLennon and Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator Susanne Dawe attended Expo Labrador 2022 Conference & Trade Show on June 28-30 in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

During the conference, NLWIC took part in Panel Session IV: Strengthening Labrador’s Labour Market on June 29, along with Wanda Cuff-Young, VP Operations of Work Global Canada Inc. and Constanza Safatle, Executive Director of Taskforce NL.

NLWIC Director Sharon McLennon (right) with Wanda Cuff-Young, VP Operations of Work Global Canada (center) and Constanza Safatle, Executive Director of Taskforce NL (left) after the Expo Labrador 2022 Panel Session “Strengthening Labrador’s Labour Market.”

Innovating Workforce Development: #TipoftheIceberg

Director Sharon McLennon’s presented for 10 minutes during the panel session.

NLWIC Expo Labrador Presentation Synopsis:

Like the iconic iceberg, there’s more than the eye can see when it comes to the research projects funded to date by the NL Workforce Innovation Centre’s (NLWIC) at the College of the North Atlantic, to NLWIC’s multiple research project collaborations over the last three years, and to the Made-For-Newfoundland and Labrador workforce innovation projects on the horizon for regions throughout our province.

The Innovating Workforce Development: #Tip of the Iceberg presentation will showcase Newfoundland and Labrador and its regions as testbeds of innovation in workforce development, starting with an overview and update on NLWIC’s mandate related to innovative models, practices and people. The presentation will take Expo Labrador attendees “below the surface” to explore with its partners NLWIC’s plans for testing and evaluating the set up and operations of regional workforce development committees throughout the province as part of a new innovative workforce development model for Newfoundland and Labrador. The goal is to focus on regional action planning to address the most pressing workforce development and labour market challenges and opportunities, rural and otherwise.

What is required more than ever is innovative thinking and doing by all labour market stakeholders when it comes to developing our talent pipeline with the right skills at the right time and in the right place, now and in the future. Innovation in workforce development is an idea whose time has come.